What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic

This is the number 1 question we are asked!!!

Black Garlic is not a variety of garlic, it doesn't grow that way. It isn't roasted or smoked or burnt! Black Garlic is produced via a unique ageing process, where time & temperature change boring white garlic into sweet, dark & umami Black Garlic.

Nothing else is added, the 'Maillard Reaction' (science) is responsible for creating these special onyx gems.

The result is our beautiful Noosa Black Garlic, with its signature black colour, sweet umami flavour. The usual pungent & sulphurous garlic odour & taste is broken down during the ageing process - so as a bonus there is no lingering garlic breath.

Our Noosa Black Garlic is:

  • Handmade by local artisan foodies
  • Made with organic Elephant Garlic sourced from the pristine Noosa hinterland
  • Rich in protective antioxidant nutrients
  • Easy to digest
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten & dairy-free
  • Free from preservatives, artificial colours or flavours